World of Tans 1.11 – new 3d style for Pz. Kpfw VII – Tenth Deer

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WoT 1.11 will be the boldest in 3D styles, and yes, with the coming one already.

3D-style “Tenth Deer” for Pz.Kpfw VII from New Year’s patch 1.11 WOT.

The tenth deer” – “Well, what to do. My nine deer are not made of iron: give them lichens and berries, and spread straw for the night, and scratch each one behind the ear. Care is required affection. And when to have time for everything? Gifts will not deliver themselves, but you have to work. Here my colleagues advised me to update the transport. They say, they say, just fill in the fuel – and then he himself. Not afraid of traffic jams, narrow streets and road works – too. Fairy tale, not transport, it’s a pity that it doesn’t fly. Well, versatility again: full boxes of gifts for those who behaved well. And for those who are bad, there are also gifts, but of course. Full ammunition “.

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Unhistorical. Stage decals can be applied, group: Special. Maximum per account: 1. Only for the tank: Pz.Kpfw VII. price: 5000 gold.

source – wotexpress


This 3D style has a familiar glow effect, or rather the garland itself is on fire.

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