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From July 24 (07:00 CEST, UTC +2) till July 27 (07:00 CEST, UTC +2), enjoy the special with:

  •  Extra crew experience,
  •  Equipment,
  •  Consumables.


 x3 Extra XP for your first victory


 Personal Achievements

Reward +100%  crew experience
How to get it:Be in the top 5 by Personal Points in a victorious battle
RestrictionRepeatable mission
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Reward x1 First Aid Dressing Package (Period II)
How to get it:Be in the top 3 by Personal Points
RestrictionFive times per account

 Ace up Your Sleeve

Reward x1 Stock Lightweight Power Unit (Period III)
How to get it:Be first by Pesonal Points in a victorious battle
RestrictionsOnce per account Tier IV+
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source – wowp eu/na portal

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