World of Warplanes – International Women’s Day missions

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From March 5 (06:00 CEST, UTC+1) till March 9 (06:00 CEST, UTC+1), enjoy a special dedicated to International Women’s day during which you will find:


X5 Extra XP for your first victory

50% off decoration sets (paint schemes, nose arts, emblems) using gold and credits

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Happy Holiday

Reward 1 day of Premium Account
How to get it:Be in the top 3 by personal points two times
RestrictionOnce per account


Rewards x1 Emblem
х10 Fireworks
How to get them:Earn 8,000 personal points for dealing damage
to aerial targets
in any number of battles
RestrictionOnce per account

Battle Luck

Reward x3 Unique Supplies
x3 Supply Crates
x3 Standard supply crates
How to get it:Destroy 80 enemy aircraft in any number of battles
RestrictionOnce per account

Call to Action

Reward +20% crew experience
How to get it:Destroy 2 enemy aircraft in a single battle
RestrictionRepeatable mission

source – wowp portal

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