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From April 27 04:20 PT / 07.20 ET till April 30 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET keep an eye out for:

Bonuses and Discounts

 Triple XP for the first victory of the day.

 25% off for equipment (credits).

 50% off for hangar slots (gold).


 «Brave Pilots»

Objective Destroy 5 enemy warplanes and score top-3 in your team by personal points in a single battle
Reward  +25% credits
  • Tier IV–X aircraft only
  • Repeatable
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 «Ground Pounders»

Objective Destroy 5 AA guns and cause 2,000 HP of damage to ground targets in a single battle
Reward  +25% XP
  • Tier IV–X attack aircraft and bombers only
  • Repeatable


  • Win 10 battles
  • Earn 30 000 personal points per any amount of battles
Reward  x1 Hangar slot
Once per account
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Get Airborne!

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