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Completing the mission of this event will give you rewards in the form of additional credits, an emblem,  unique supplies and Premium Account.

From February 19 (06:00 CEST, UTC + 1) to February 24 (06:00 CEST, UTC + 1) , enjoy the event including:

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  •  Bonus x5 XP for the first victory


Unwavering Defenders!
Awards1 day of Premium Account
1x Emblem
How to get them:Destroy 40 enemy aircraft in any number of battles
LimitOnce per account
Prize+ 25% credits
How to get:Earn 7,000 personal points in a won battle
LimitRepeatable mission
 Retaliation attack
Prize1x Unique Supplies
How to get:Destroy 15 enemy bombers or attack aircraft in any number of battles
RestrictionsOnce a dayTiers IV – X

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