World of Warships – a lot of bonus codes by WGFEST

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Bonus code for WoWs by WGFEST. It works on EU for sure (i don’t know for NA/ASIA)

They gives flags and crates:

Codice bonus per WoWs di WGFEST. Funziona sicuramente con l’UE (non so per NA / ASIA)

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Danno bandiere e casse:



  1. Henri 15 December 2018 14:27

    you missed H2K0WGFEST18

  2. Dirka Dirka 15 December 2018 17:12

    None of those codes worked for me, copy pasta. Except for the one that Henri above mentioned they’d missed. o7

    • Klaus 15 December 2018 19:50

      for me, too…

  3. darko 15 December 2018 17:41

    none works

    • Gridlok 15 December 2018 21:14

      because its not for Asia and Na so if you are one of them then you are screwed

  4. Darko 15 December 2018 22:08

    i am on EU