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World of Warships Japanese Cruisers tech trees ENG

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The Japanese cruisers tree starts at Tier II.


II Chikuma

Chikuma is the first Japanese cruiser equipped with a steam-turbine plant and an armour belt. She is the only cruiser in the tree that does not carry torpedo tubes. This is in part compensated by her remarkable firepower: the cruiser is equipped with eight 152mm guns. Five of them were used to fire a full broadside.



III Tatsuta

Initially, Tatsuta was designed to be a destroyer squadron leader. As a result, she can boast a high speed and two triple-mount torpedo tubes, which is quite impressive for her tier. At the same time, Tatsutahas less firepower than her predecessor: the ship is equipped with only four 140mm guns.



IV Kuma

The number of guns on Kuma was increased to seven compared to her predecessor Tatsuta. The ship’s high rate of fire and reasonable manoeuvrability make her ideal for hunting down enemy destroyers. Kuma is able to fight off even heavy enemy ships as the number of her torpedo tubes was increased to eight.



V Furutaka

Furutaka’s six 203mm guns fight off effectively most of her enemy counterparts. They were installed fore and aft in superfiring arrangement where one mount was placed slightly behind and above the other. This arrangement saved deck space, but left only two guns capable of firing directly fore and aft.



VI Aoba

Aoba is the first cruiser in the tree to be built with the primary armament in twin turrets: two turrets fore and one aft. Although the full broadside remains the same,Aoba can fire four guns on the bow simultaneously, which allows for effective chasing after retreating destroyers. The ship is equipped with two quadruple-mount torpedo tubes. Since they are mounted aft, it is harder to aim a torpedo attack.



VII Mogami

Mogami’s triple-mount 610mm side-mounted torpedo tubes pose a serious threat to heavy enemy ships. She is also equipped with powerful main battery. The ship’s fifteen 155mm rapid-fire guns can hit even the most manoeuvrable and speedy destroyers. Players can upgrade the ship by replacing primary armament with ten 203mm guns. This will reduce the rate of fire but will considerably increase the damage.



VIII Myoko

The displacement of ten thousand tons of this heavy cruiser came close to the limits set by the Washington Naval Treaty. The cruiser was well armoured compared to her predecessors. The hull armour was considerably expanded and the armour belt increased to 100mm. The ship’s ten 203mm artillery guns are divided between five twin turrets.



IX Ibuki

Ibuki evolved from her predecessors driven by the “Faster, Higher, Stronger” motto. She is equipped with four side-mounted torpedo tubes carrying famous Long Lance oxygen torpedoes. Armed with ten 203mm artillery guns, Ibuki can easily fight off enemy destroyers and most of same class enemy ships.



X Senjo

This heavy cruiser project remained on paper. She had her main armament increased to 12 guns. The ship is equipped with four triple turrets: two fore and two aft. The ship’s twelve 100mm anti-aircraft guns provide strong defense against air squadrons and help in fighting off enemy aircraft carriers. Unlike anti-aircraft armament, the torpedo armament was not reinforced, as it was already quite powerful on previous classes.

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