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World of Warships – Pan Asia tech tree pictures and deep water torpedoes

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WG want to release this branch with deep water torpedoes feature.

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Greetings! We’re finally launching our blog to share some juicy details from the very heat of World of Warships development!

Today we will talk about the upcoming Pan-Asian DD line, that has been just revealed. Of course this line is very important for ASIA server, but apart from historical representation, it will also bring new ships and experience for all players worldwide.

The main challenge of course is to unite the ships of Great Britain, USA, USSR, Japan and Germany, so the whole line has some special gameplay flavor. The most obvious suggestion for that would be a specific consumable, but it’s not necessarily the best way.

For instance, we can make the line unique with specific torpedo armament. After we test the Pan-Asians with normal loadout, we plan to test deep water torpedoes. Deep water torpedoes interact with draught of the target: they can easily pass underneath a light ship without any damage! As a trade-off, such torpedoes can boast improved concealment, so catching those BB by surprise would be easier. Will it work? Will these torpedoes make it to release and bring more variety to World of Warships? Time and tests will tell:)

We will keep you updated, captains, thanks for reading and fair seas!

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