World of Warships Razer Bonus Code

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World of Warships Razer Bonus Code

-Download/Install program:
-Register an account (inside the client)
– Start the client, click on “Razr Comms”, search for “World of Warships Community” and join.
– Go back to the promo Website and “Verify account”
– The code is immediately displayed when all steps were successfully processed
– For all regions (but no RU?): 1 day premium (in SHARE with WoT and WoWp? and 1 port slot

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-Download e installa programma:
-registrate un account (all’interno del client)
– Avviare il client, cliccare su “Razr Comms”, ricercate di “World of Warships Community” e unitevi al canale.
– Tornate al Sito, effettuate il login con lo stesso account di Razor Comms e cliccate su verify.
– Il codice viene immediatamente visualizzato quando tutti i passaggi sono stati processati con successo
– Per Tutti i server, (ma non RU?): un giorno premium (in condivisione con WoT, WoWp) e uno slot in porto.

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  1. Kalinka 1 August 2016 15:16

    not worth, just a day of premium and a port slot which people will usually buy

  2. Rod 7 October 2016 22:09

    There is no “– Start the client, click on “Razr Comms…” to click on. Tried other options, but nothing about Warships appears. Now what?

  3. TumariMaaKiChut 14 June 2017 4:29

    the link doesnot work