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There are three types of rewards you can get simply by watching World of Warships on Twitch during Update 0.8.9:

  • Twitch Challenges,
  • Twitch Drops,
  • Twitch Epic Drops.

The Epic Drop can reward you with the recently introduced tier V DD Hill . 

If you complete all four weekly Twitch Challenge missions, you can win doubloons, Halloween 2018 containers, and rare seasonal camouflages!

Want to get ahead of the pack for this Update’s first Twitch Challenge?

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Click here

Note: to unlock the remaining three Twitch Challenges, you will need to watch World of Warships on Twitch and have your Wargaming Account linked to your Twitch account.

Esistono tre tipi di ricompense che puoi ottenere semplicemente guardando World of Warships su Twitch durante l’aggiornamento 0.8.9:

  • Twitch Challenge,
  • Twitch Drop,
  • Twitch Epic Drop.

L’Epic Drop può premiarti con il livello V DD Hill recentemente introdotto.

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Se completi tutte e quattro le missioni settimanali di Twitch Challenge, puoi vincere dobloni, contenitori di Halloween 2018 e rare mimetiche stagionali!

Vuoi anticipare il pacchetto per la prima Twitch Challenge di questo aggiornamento?

Fai clic qui

Nota: per sbloccare le restanti tre sfide di Twitch, dovrai guardare World of Warships su Twitch e avere Account Wargaming collegato al tuo account Twitch .

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  1. HMS_EU_Independance 20 October 2019 21:51

    8 hours watching after first two drops and nada. does the 3rd really exist?