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Q: Will you be nerfing: Belfast, Nikolai, Kamikaze Trio, Köning Albert? Since those ships over perform. Why not eliminate them from future sales and not include them in if you buy x amount of containers you may get one of these. Sounds incredibly counter productive.

SubOctavian said: Most likely the approach that will emerge from GC testing will be universal and will set a precedent for foreseeable future. It won’t be fair to touch GC, and not touch the ships you listed. It won’t be fair not to touch GC and touch the ships you listed. That’s why we’re taking our time with the test and that’s why I said several times we will take this decision very seriously, and all concerns and feedback will be taken into account.

source – world of warships NA forum

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D: Volete depotenziare: Belfast, Nikolai, Kamikaze Trio, Köning Albert? Dal momento che quelle navi hanno prestazioni superiori. Perché non eliminarli dalle vendite future e non includerli, se si acquista per quantità di contenitori si può ottenere uno di questi. Sembra incredibilmente controproducente.

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R: Molto probabilmente l’approccio che emergerà dai test GC sarà universale e costituirà un precedente per il futuro prevedibile. Non sarà giusto toccare GC e non toccare le navi che hai elencato. Non sarà giusto non toccare GC e toccare le navi che hai elencato. Ecco perché ci stiamo prendendo il nostro tempo con il test ed è per questo che ho detto più volte prenderemo molto seriamente questa decisione, e tutte le preoccupazioni e i feedback saranno presi in considerazione.


  1. andrew 11 March 2019 22:35

    SubOctavian is a douche nozzle and as far as im concerned i bought the said ships for cold hard cash and so i want the cold hard cash back as you have eventually turned and mis sold the items you have been selling so thus you have no alternative but to offer me a full refund for any premium ship i have bought for cash. Be prepared for alot of player base to boycott this fast sinking game just so they can model it for the lower class cuntsole players hence why they ruined the game with the cv rework if you can call it a reqork

  2. nob 12 March 2019 11:02

    CHC – TSEI = 0

    cold hard cash – time spent exploiting it = zero