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Ship ID: PASB705 (USS Texas hull 1944)
Tier: 5
HP: 49100
Armor: 19-305 (Same armor as New York)
(Same main/secondary armament of fully upgraded New York)
Main Battery 356mm/45 Mk.8   5×2 (same AP+HE shells)
Secondary Armament 127mm/51 Mk.7   6×1 (same HE shells)
AA Defense: (this is the apparent specialty of the ship, insane AA)
AA Gun 20mm Oerlikon Mk.4   32×1 20mm (115 DPS @ 2km)
AA Gun 40mm Bofors Mk.2   10×4 40mm (159 DPS @ 3.5km)
AA Gun 76.2mm/50 Mk22 mod.2   10×1 76.2mm (28 DPS @ 3.5km)
— combined total DPS at 2km = 302 DPS. Can theoretically shoot down an entire Hosho TB squadron in approx 4-6 seconds if focusing AA.
Max Speed: 20.5 knots (0.5 slower than New York)
Turning circle radius: 600m
Rudder shift time: 12.5s
Surface: 16.0 km
Air: 10.4 km

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