World of Warships WG Fest 2017 preview

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German Destroyers

We already have German battleships and cruisers, and we want to add more! Expect the destroyers on the tech tree soon, and check out their stats!

Soviet Destroyer Branch Update

We’re happy to highlight the history of the Russian Navy with an alternate branch of the best Soviet destroyers of the Cold War era. Expect ships like Smelyi, Neustrashimyi and the Project 56 destroyers!

Clans Are Coming

We’re also testing Clans in World of Warships, which will have a different setup than the Clan systems in our other games. Next year, Clans can compete with each other, earn in-game items, and play in unique battle scenarios.

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Commanders 2.0

We’ll be revamping the existing Commander Skills and adding more in 2017. Get ready to customize your experience even more!

Heroic / Historic Commanders

We’re working on more famous faces as “character” Commanders, with their own sets of unique Skills.

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Halloween Success –  PvE Coming Soon

We created a Halloween event and tested a “Convoy” mode that we’ll continue to develop. Look forward to battling not only ships, but other types of weapons…
There’s also plans for combining different scenarios in Campaigns.


What is the Depot? A new spot to store your supplies and consumables! Details soon.