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World of Warships year 2015 pt2 eng

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“Vladimir Grisyuk, Game Designer on Gameplay

Over the past year, our game designers created a draft of World of Warships – we have successfully tested elements of key game mechanics. Also, we have finished several tech trees for ships. In addition, during the alpha test, we redesigned and improved the combat system, and tested hundreds of prototypes and models of various aspects of the gameplay. As a result, World of Warships’ gameplay became more interesting and immersive.

Over the next year, we’re going to keep the pace up. Our plans for 2015 are:

-To review and launch unique game modes (which have never appeared in Wargaming projects)

-To add new tech trees

-To implement crews with a system of perks and skills

-And finally, to add modifications to ship equipment and develop advanced content for active players.




Anton Artemov, Head of User Interface department on the Interface

This year, we finally answered some important questions: how to ensure that controlling ships is easy for the player, what degree of automation is necessary e.g. what a ship should be able to do by itself versus what the player should have to do. It had to remain a game and a challenge, rather than feeling like you were simply controlling an armed drone.

Over the past year, we redesigned and introduced structural solutions that allowed us to systematize and simplify the interface development process. From the formation of the original concept and prototyping, to the implementation and automated assembly of different configurations – we have streamlined.

We now understand our player base better within the context of the general population. We have progressed in studying basic questions: for example, what the word “interesting” really means, what tasks a player sets for himself to solve in the game, and what the differences among players from different parts of the world are.

In 2015, our main goals will be:

-To create solutions that will improve the quality of user interaction

-To provide the necessary customization options for users of different gaming experience, with different needs in the game.

In addition to these goals, we will improve the visuals, extend game functionality and interface, as well as implement and improve tools for team collaboration.


Sergey Vorobyev, Head of Technology Department on Technology

During the year, we have done a great job with World of Warships – we have dramatically changed the gameplay and interaction with new players, and improved the graphics of materials and special effects. However, this is only the beginning – a significant portion of the content will be reworked and adjusted for the new technology.

We have taken game optimization to a new level. We have improved game performance, though it can still be improved – the frame rate (FPS) on various PC configurations is more than 30 FPS. During the year, we started alpha tests in 4 regions of the world: the RU region, Europe, North America and Asia; all the regions participated in the beta weekend, in which more than 47,000 gamers participated.

Next year, we expect even greater challenges: the next phase of testing, new clusters and technologies. We are going to continue evolving the gameplay, and of course, we are going to introduce several new ships.”

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