WoT 9.3 T49 light Tank

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Fonte – http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/07/26/straight-outta-supertest-t49-light-tank/

Tier VIII?

152mm gun-launcher (the weapon used on Sheridan, just without the option to fire Shillelagh missiles) in the XM551 (Sheridan prototype) turret and T49 hull. trad. Si tratta di un carro armato con 152mm (uguale usato sullo Sheridan, senza però l’opzione di lanciare missili Shillelagh) su torretta XM551 (prototipo Sheridan) e scafo t49!

Hitpoints: 1100

Top gun: 152mm Gun-Launcher XM81
Penetration: 76/152,4/76 (HE/HEAT/gold HE, gold HE shells have larger blast radius it is assumed)
Damage: 910/700/910
DPM with HEAT: 1825
Aim time: 4s
Accuracy: 0,6
Depression: -10

Hull turnrate: 44
Hp/t: 24,74
Weight: 22,234 tons
Viewrange: 400

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