WoT leaks supertester news

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– on Supertest, the STA-2 (upcoming Japanese tier 8 premium tank) did perform fine, so it’s possible the stats leaked yesterday are final
– next Tuesday, there will be a PvE test
– next Wednesday, there will be the player invite/referral system test (oddly enough, it’s being only tested AFTER it was announced in 9.4, so if the test goes bad, this feature will not come after 9.4 as promised)
– ISU-130′s depression was buffed to -3 and gun traverse to the right changed from 9,72 to 10

  • STA-2 va bene, è possibile che le statistiche precedentemente riportate siano finali
  • prossimo giovedì ci sarà un test PVE
  • prossimo mercoledì ci sarà un test per invitare e seguire i giocatori (programma reclutamento)
  • ISU 130, la depressione è stata potenziata a -3 e il brandeggio del cannone da 9,72 a 10

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