WoT leaks the future of premium tanks

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Fonte – http://vk.com/wotleaks

– Object 260 tier 10 Soviet heavy tank (scheduled as a clanwars reward, basically an IS-7 variant with different turret)
– T28 Concept (based on the wooden mockup as a tier 7 US TD
– East-German T-55A medium tank (because, you know, there are not enough T-54 clones in the game) tier 9 tank (likely an event/CW reward)
– tier 6 premium M4A3E8 variant (“Fury”, apparently)

  • Obj 260 tier 10, carro pesante sovietico, prototipo diverso rispetto all’IS7 (torretta diversa).
  • Prototipo di cacciacarri USA tier 7, T28.
  • carro medio della Germania dell’Est, T55A, carro tier 9 (altro clone del T54).
  • M4A3E8 tier 6, il Fury.

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