World of Warships OBT bonus code for the USS Albany

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World of Warships OBT bonus code for the USS Albany

Here you are the first gift by World of Warships devs: the tier 2 premium cruiser USS Albany CL-23!

You can obtain the ship using this code: ALBANY

Ed ecco il primo regalo da parte dei devs di WoWs: l’incrociatore premium USS Albany CL-23

il codice è: ALBANY

Albany (protected cruiser) wasn’t an US Cruiser, it was English and was laid down at Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, by Armstrong Whitworth on 8 December 1897. It was intended for the Brazilian Navy as Almirante Abreu, but  the ship was purchased by US Navy on 16 march 1898 during the Spanish American War and was renamed Albany. 


l’Albany non era un incrociatore statunitense, era inglese, è varato a Newcastle Upon Tyne, in Inghilterra, dalla Armstrong Whitworth l’8 dicembre 1897. E’ stato destinato alla Marina brasiliana col nome di Almirante Abreu, ma la nave è stata acquistata dalla US Navy il 16 marzo 1898 durante la guerra ispano-americana ed è stata ribattezzata Albany.

Here you are the main in game characteristics and a comparison with Chester (full top):

Ecco le principali caratteristiche dell’Albany, comparata con la diretta concorrente Chester:

Albany protected cruiser Chester light cruiser
Main guns 6×1 152mm/50 Mk6  and 4×1 120mm/50 Mk3 6×1 152mm/50 mk6 and 6×1 76.2mm
AA guns 4×1 37mm nothing
Survivability 16500hp 18400hp
Maneuverability max speed 20.4 knots; turning circle radius 350m; rudder shift time 9.2 s max speed 24.4 knots; turning circle radius 460m; rudder shift time 6.6 s
Concealment surface detectability range 8.8km; air detectability range 4.1km surface detectability range 8.5km; air detectability range 5.0km
Gun fire control system 6.3km 9.3km
Armor Deck: 1.5–3.5 in (38–89 mm)
Conning tower: 4 in (102 mm)


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